Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Love this print

I just came across this print on facebook and i LOVE it and i just had to share it with you as well.  I definitely want this printed and framed:)

Have a good Tuesday evening! take care.

Good Tuesday morning

I don't know about you but i really like overcast weather:) After all the humid weather we have been having this is lovely.

But let's get to the point shall we, i did a stage on Sunday past (all the stage decor i do for a catering hiring company called FG hiring and catering).  The client chose white on white with fairy lights.  I honestly thought - how boring.  But in some spaces it really works.  This stage however has two tones colours on the walls of the stage, which in most cases won't work, but it was ok.  A bit of colour would have made it nicer.

The stage was done at Gatesville Hall.  I posted two photos so you can see how the hall looks from the back as well.

The cake looks quite nice.  I think they should have used the colour in the cake in the stage decor as well. But it's what the client wants and thats what they asked for.  Sometimes what i like is not necessarily what the client likes so give them choices.  

In the end customer satisfaction is important to me:)

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Cheesy, Corny Valentine's

Happy valentine's to you all, check out all the cheesiness lol

Have a great day and try not to overdo the chocolates:)

Cape Town site seeing with a difference

Ever wanted to go site seeing but not on the normal open top buses? Well today i am sharing some info that will definitely make you go ''are you for real?"

In the photos below i show you proof of site seeing in a side car, oh yes your eyes are not deceving you.  Cool right??

Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My favourite long street girly shops

Good Wednesday to you all, it's midweek again and almost Valentine's day too.  I have seen last miniute shoppers going crazy trying to find gifts for tomorrow, it's quite funny :)

The stores make loads of money off these people that buy things on the last minute and it's madness, my advice is check out for the shops that are still on sale and believe me there are a few of them.

Anyway back to what i meant to share with yout today, my favourite girly shops in long street.  They would be (in no particular order) Mememe, Mungo & Jemima and Sitting Pretty.  I just thought of another shop which is close to Mungo & Jemima but technically it's in Church street so i will leave that for another time. 

I have found some photos from each of the stores clothing to give you an idea of what they have to offer. Check it out . . .

First up is Mememe, please note that these photos are not of current stock they have.  But it's the only photos i got off their facebook page.

Next we have Sitting Pretty. On my facebook page i mentioned that if you dress modestly then either pair these dresses/tops with fitted pants or even a long skirt and add a belt.  
With this outfit you could also do a skirt underneath (a printed one would look great as it is see through material) or a pants.  Add a cardi and accesorize! (accesories is definitely another post on it's own).

These next two pretty dresses are from Mungo & Jemima, as you can see below they suggest buying the dress for a lovely Valentine's - good idea indeed:)

If there are any other stores you would like to know more about drop me an email:)


Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My nieces birthday cake

Finally i can post about the cake i made lol Last night i made sure i wouldn't forget anything. 

I got home after 6pm and realised that the cake was to small. I then popped another cake mix into the oven.  I was so upset when after forty minutes the cake was still quite wet inside (the instructions on the box said it would take 35-40minutes).

It eventually came out at half past seven (finally!) and i could get to covering the two layer cake. For this cake i did not use any recipe but bought a wheat free cake mix instead.  I have used it before and it tastes yummy:) (The wheat free chocolate cake mix can be bought at The Wellness Warehouse for R30)

I decided to trim the cake with things the birthday girl loves - barbie, disney princesses and lots of pink! Pick n Pay sells the Snowflake icing colour prints you can get for under R20(the ones i bought were on special, so i got them for R10). The princess sweets (R11)and milky bar buttons (on special for R20) were also purchased at Pick n Pay.The strawberry mousse mix i got from Osmans (a cake store in Gatesville, i can't quite remember the price).
The mousse was actually supposed to be mixed with water and fresh cream but it was so last minute that i just added milk and it worked! up until now i'm so glad for that.

The number 3 candle i bought at pick n pay as well for R15.  As you can see on the photo there is a birthday banner on the cake.  I used two bamboo sticks, page markers (i bought them months ago at CNA for under R15) and the sticker letters i got at Typo in Canal Walk.  I was lucky enough to get the stickers for R5 as there were pages missing and they could not find the price, lucky me! :)

There are ALWAYS cheaper ways of doing anything, don't let anyone tell you any different. Where there's a will, there's a way.

take care*

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Tuesday blues

Today im upset with myself as i forgot something important at home.  The charger for my blackberry;i am sure you all know blackberry phones need to be charged more than other phones. Who knows why.

Anyway the reason why i am upset is because i have photos on my phone that i wanted to post today.  I baked my neices birthday cake last night, a wheat free chocolate cake (i bought the mixture at The Wellness Warehouse).  I have used it before and it comes out great! It tasted great too trust me.

Once i get home i plan on decorating it with lots of pink things lol She loves everything pink and girly:)

Keep an eye out for the post her birthday. Happy Birthday Princess Yusrah!  

Monday, February 4, 2013

Check it out

As you all know, Valentine's Day is coming up and some people always leave the shopping to the last possible moment.  For some ideas for please check out my facebook page:) Feel free to like and share it with whoever you think would like it too.


Udpate on stage decor and what's to come

This back drop and main table draping was done yesterday at The Ottery Islamic Society Hall. 
It is always good to know details about the hall/space you hire to have your function in, especially when planning comes into place.  It helps you to plan to the nest of your ability and it also eliminates nasty surprises when you do get the the space/hall on the day to set up.

Like i have mentioned before i plan step by step in my head how i will execute, whatever it is i have to do, in my mind first before actually doing it. And it helps a lot!

Right now i am using the method for making my neices theird birthday cake.  Her birthday is tomorrow and since it is in the week i wil have to bake the cake tonight and trim it tomorrow when i come from work.  Since i am going to put strawberry mousse on the cake i cannot put it on the night before as it soaks into the cake.  

I will do a post on the cake in this week, so stay posted.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your Monday!

Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paris inspired cake table

Can you believe that it's Friday tomorrow? The time goes by so quickly we don't even realise it. 

Today i want to share the paris inspired cake table i did for my sisters farewell.  I decided to try and use things i already have.  I think the only thing i spent money on was paper plates (which is, lets face it, cheap).

I did this in such a rush, so it's a good thing to plan ahead.  I do this thing where i picture how i am going to set everything out before i get to tha place and it actually helps a lot ( < a little bit of advice for you). 

My apologies, this photo somehow does not want to rotate.  The vase i got a a charity shop for way cheap - R8! The flowers were part of my wedding bouquet (artificial flowers bought at Superfloral in Paarden Eiland). 
The old books were also bought at the charity shop, each book cost about R2-R8 each.  The frame was part of a wedding gift and i made the little print inside the frame as well.  I had the printed cardstock and just added the little bon voyage banner (i googled a banner and changed it in Microsoft Paint).

This idea i found on google, i am not sure what the sute was called though.  The lady wanted to change the look of the items on her shelf and so she printed a picture and covered the picture over each spine to make up the full picture.  I googled my own image and decided to try it out and it came out great!
I used the stack of books to elevate the cake stand.  You could use it for other things as well.

This little flower i made from scratch:) I had material laying around and decided i wanted to use it for something i just wasn't sure what.  It then came to me that i needed something pretty and pink for the table.  So i cut a strip of fabric and used a ring (i bought it to wear but it couldnt fit but finally found a purpose for it:) ) and pushed the fabric through it.

I then took the edges and pinned them together and there you go a simple and super easy fabric flower!

As you can see we had so much cake! If you look a little closer you will see there are little eiffel towers on the table.  I made them using an eiffel tower cookie cutter and plastic icing and an edible icing pen to make the markings of the eiffel tower.

I hope you get inspired by this post and do something creative even if it is just for dinner or an afternoon tea. Please do share:)

take care, the weekend is not far away!


Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Valentine's printable

While searching for something on the internet you tend to come across so many other things as well.  Sometimes it even inspires you to make your own. 

I found a card that would be perfect for my sister to give to her husband for valentines as he used to LOVE tea and rusks(the card says - we go together like tea and rusks).
I then drew my own version on Microsoft Paint and luckily this screen is touch screen so i used my finger to draw (bless you touch screen).


* thanx to my inspiration from paper-tales

As promised

Good morning all:)  As i promised yesterday, here are the printables i have made since last year mothers day.