Tuesday, April 5, 2011

my first birthday cake!

It was my sisters 21st birthday recently and i decided to offer to make her birthday cake for her.  i've never really made a cake before; im not the baking type either, but i thought why not.

I took the challenge, did research (lots of it) and finally came across a recipe i found in the Ideas Magazine (one of my favourite mags, check out ideasmag.co.za for more cool recipes and ideas).  It sounded quite basic, a vanilla cake.  To my surprise the cake came out quite well for my first time:)

Bright colours and stuff -  thats what i was told the cake should be like.  The birthday cake consisted of brightly coloured cupcakes, which were made by my second youngest sister Ayesha and i made the top tier.(excuse the bad photo i will try to get a better one). 

This is the first of many i hope! 


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