Friday, May 27, 2011

Easy ways to redecorate

-          Re organize the space
§  Reorganizing a space can do a lot more than people think.  Sometimes just going through every item/piece of furniture in the room would make you question its purpose there.  More importantly it reduces clutter!  So, take a look at every piece separately and make your choice.  

-          Paint
§  Paint transforms a space instantly.  Paint one wall an accent colour or paint the whole room.  But be sure to choose a colour you really like if you are choosing to paint the entire room with it.  Also if you are going to paint the entire room, you should choose a colour that can be easily decorated with, some colours would limit you sometimes. Even painting pieces of furniture could do the trick, be sure to use the proper paint/spray paints for the item being painted.   

-          Decoupage
§  All you have to do is to cut pages from your book. Pour decoupage medium into a small dish. Working one page at a time, place the page into a plastic tray and use a narrow paintbrush to coat the back with the medium. Tip: If you want to leave a book undamaged, consider photocopying or printing favourite passages—but test the print to make sure decoupage medium doesn’t smear the ink. Now position the page on the wall, and press flat to remove wrinkles and extra medium. Work from top to bottom on the wall, overlapping the pages if desired. Finish off with a thin coat of decoupage medium to seal your project.
I found this info on one of my favourite sites called – it’s really helpful and gives you so many ideas.
-          Use fabric
§  Whether you’re changing your lounge, bedroom, living area etc etc.  An easy way to give the space a change in decor is to change the fabric in the space.  Like cushion covers, slip covers for chairs, table cloths/runners, curtains, if it’s your bedroom change the bedding.  Light colours can make the space seem lighter and fresh where as darker colours could bring a warm cosy feeling. 
-          Flowers
§  Flowers are more a decorative pieces than functional, but we love themJ
Adding flowers to a space instantly adds some colour; you could even use it as a feature in the space.  The flowers could be cut flowers in a vase as well as plants.  Bring some nature into the space!

-          Recycle the things you have-find a new use for them        
§  This might be a tricky one and could take longer to do than the other options.  However it is just as satisfying, to know everything has its place and function in the space. 
When looking up recycled things I came across a site called  Another inspiring interior designer from Cape Town who has invented new ways to use old/vintage/second hand items.  Check out her website for some inspiration!   
Two or more of these options and it will look different instantly!
(I am working on doing this myself and taking some photos for you to see the difference, photos and or pictures are always easier to work with and sometimes it could give you ideas or inspire you; so please excuse the pictures)

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  1. the decoupage sounds like it may take ages but the result is awesome!