Tuesday, May 10, 2011


Welcome to May, the month to appreciate our mothers as well as the slow change from summer to autumn.  Lately everyone around me has been sick sneezing and coughing due to the change in the weather.  Its a way of saying how much they will miss the warm sunny days we've had:) 

Enough about the weather, lets get down to it.  I like to be prepared and plan things right so as to not run into last minute things.  And with wedding planning thats what we all should do.  Plan ahead.  Even if it's just looking around and getting quotes for things.  Prepare yourself for what is to come.

I have recently had to help out someone who hired a another person to do the draping of the wedding.   The mistake they made was to hire this person and not know what their quality of work is like.  Lets just say the mother of the bride was not happy with what she did at all.  So i stepped in to change what she had done (at last minute too!) 

Here is what it looked like before i got there...

This is how i changed, i however didnt have my own material so i changed with what they had
All the lights the person put on were different colours (not cool)  so i changed them to match..

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