Wednesday, May 18, 2011

[--a work in progress--]

Here are some of the work i have done for weddings.. 
 Picture no.1 is at the Nico Malan Hall

Picture no.2 is at the Turfhall Sports Complex Hall

Picture no.3 is at the Taronga road Mosque hall
Picture no.4 is at the Franschoek Wine Estate

Picture no.5 is at the Strand Town Hall
 Picture no.6 is at Turfhall sports complex


  1. Salaam
    Can I ask that you could contact me with regards to your pricing please? I absolutely love your work.

  2. Hi do you maybe have the contact details for nico malan hall?

  3. Hi I'm you seem to do lovely work on a budget. Would you email me your pricing details?