Tuesday, July 12, 2011

Choosing table decor colours

I’ve been stuck in a rut as they say.. With so much happening – an engagement that was done in 2 days (yes you heard right – it was hectic!) 
If it wasn’t for my family I would have gone crazy, i swear.  All thanks is due to them for helping and getting everything done perfectly
Decor – watermelon pink table runners and black table cloths with pink and purple feathers in thin vases.  I know what you’re thinking, it’s too much right? Na I thought the same but it looked so nice together.   (Will post photos as soon as I get them from my brother)
Finding the right decor colour scheme is a bit hard, especially when you are pressed for time and cannot make up your mind.  Colours you like might not necessarily work well, you have to take into consideration the time of day when the function takes place and of course the type of function it is and let’s not forget the space that it is in.
Start with a base colour – in most cases a white, grey, cream or black can be used as they match with almost any colour.
Try typing into Google the colours you want, for example typed in black and green table decor and this is the first photo that came up.

-Black and green table decor-
Not too bad hey.  The damask pattern breaks the plain colours well and with some flowers and table instantly transforms.
If you do get stuck trying to choose colours that will work together Google it and see what comes up.  You might find some ideas and inspiration.
Some places in cape town that has a selection of colours are
-       styledfunctions.co.za
-       The table cloth wearing company
      Tel: +27 21 510 3000
Address: 33 Section Street, Paarden Eiland, Cape Town 8001
-       FG hiring and Catering – 
     Tel: 021 6975576
     Address - 18 Covendon rd Crawford

If you know of any other places in Cape Town, please do share:)

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