Monday, August 22, 2011

diy :)

I’m not sure if you have noticed but i love looking up diy things, especially decor and even more so diy wedding decorJ
This particular do-it-yourself i found on;   the cutest little hanging doilies.

What you’d need to make your own
-          Paper doilies (can be found at pick n pay or shoprite or any convenience store like those)
-          Patterned paper (they used fabric but you could use wrapping paper or craft paper found at arts and crafts stores)
-          Glue
-          A sewing machine – you could sew it by hand but I am sure it will take longer to sew a straight line on paper
-          Paper clips

-          Take one doily and cut out the middle and use it as a guide for cutting the patterned paper.

-          Take two doilies and put them on top of each other and use the two paper clips to hold it in place while sewing

-          Get a piece of round patterned paper and hold it on either side of the paper doilies, you will need to fold it in half to find the proper centre.  On that centre line is where you will be sewing.

-           Now in order for the doily to lay flat against the paper, using the glue, glue it down.

-          And there you have itJ adorable right?

You can make various sizes depending on what you want to use it for.

It could make a great bunting even as well as used as a garland.  


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