Monday, August 22, 2011

more diy

I wanted to share some more ideas with you.  This idea i have seen quite a few times while looking up diy wedding decor.  its simple and cheap and looks so sweet. 

Its tin can vases.  Cheap because youre saving money and recycling:) Great, well, just look at the pictures. Simple, it is wuite easy to make all you would need is patterned paper or fabric (you could even find a pretty picture on the net or customize and put your name and your future husbands name on it as well as the date of your wedding and voila - print!), glue, a pair of scissors and of course the can tins (you'd need to collect them over time if not ask around after people have had their coffee)

So as i have mentioned it is quite simple to make.  Take the cleaned tins, measure and cut the paper to fit onto them. Now glue the paper down nicely and securely (you could even use double sided tape). Make sure the paper overlaps, you wouldnt want the silver of the tin to come through.

And there you have it!

I cannot remember where i found this picture below but it looks sweet.

This picture i found on one of my favourite blogs -


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