Thursday, September 8, 2011

Wedding DIY

Wedding season is coming up and shopping for weddings is hard especially when prices go up closer to Christmas time.
Be smart when shopping.  Get ideas of what you want first. Scout around at shops to get ideas.  Sometimes you can get cheaper ways to do things.  I like finer details on things, especially in decor.  And with weddings it’s a nice touch, though some people might ask you ‘why are you wasting your money?’
Let’s start this week with serviette/napkin displays for table settings. .
Normally with table settings people display their napkins/serviettes in the same boring way – letting the napkin/serviette stand up out of the glass. 
I like to find ways to do things differently but still be nice. 
Idea 1 Using paper or board to make napkin rings. 
What you’d need –
                        Double sided tape
Depending on what you want to cover it with - Ribbon/flower/photo/thank you note/note of your choice/attaching a tag to it
Method –
Depending on the size of your napkin/serviette cut the paper/board into strips.  You could even print a ‘banner like’ strip that goes around the serviette/napkin.  Check out the example ->  

Doing this would kill two birds with one stone, a napkin/serviette ring and a thank you in one!
There are many ways to do this but if you get stick feel free to ask meJ
I have played around a bit trying to fold serviettes and tie them with ribbon to make them pretty.  A few ideas I came up with are below 


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