Tuesday, August 7, 2012

Planning a kids party

I came across some valuable information for mothers out there - planning your kids party

I found this website called greatfun4kidsblog.com, under the tab kids parties there are some great ideas, tutorials and inspiration.

There was a step by step list of things to go through when planning a kids party on the site, I will name the steps but for more detailed information check out greatfun4kidsblog.com.

Step 1
Think of a theme - in my opinion this takes the longest because there are so many themes you could choose from and come up with as well. So take your time when deciding.

Step 2
Let the idea 'ferment'
In other words let the idea toss around in your mind for a while. Don't just jump into something.

Step 3
Coordinate venue and guest list
Getting your guest list first before the venue is important as you can end up with too many people and not enough space and we wouldn't want that.

Step 4
Work out a programme
Its always good to prepare things for kids to do at the party as they can easily get bored. Check out the website for some ideas.

Step 5
Set the atmosphere
Set the area or room or space according to the theme with party decor. It always sets a good and fun time for kids.

Step 6
Send out invitations
In my opinion making the invitation simple is better as it shows everything clearly and don't forget the becessary details like the date, time and place, and dress code (if applicable)

Last but not least - don't sweat the small things. Kids just want an overall fun time. That's all that matters to them.

Enjoy party planning :)

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