Tuesday, February 19, 2013

Good Tuesday morning

I don't know about you but i really like overcast weather:) After all the humid weather we have been having this is lovely.

But let's get to the point shall we, i did a stage on Sunday past (all the stage decor i do for a catering hiring company called FG hiring and catering).  The client chose white on white with fairy lights.  I honestly thought - how boring.  But in some spaces it really works.  This stage however has two tones colours on the walls of the stage, which in most cases won't work, but it was ok.  A bit of colour would have made it nicer.

The stage was done at Gatesville Hall.  I posted two photos so you can see how the hall looks from the back as well.

The cake looks quite nice.  I think they should have used the colour in the cake in the stage decor as well. But it's what the client wants and thats what they asked for.  Sometimes what i like is not necessarily what the client likes so give them choices.  

In the end customer satisfaction is important to me:)

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