Wednesday, February 13, 2013

My favourite long street girly shops

Good Wednesday to you all, it's midweek again and almost Valentine's day too.  I have seen last miniute shoppers going crazy trying to find gifts for tomorrow, it's quite funny :)

The stores make loads of money off these people that buy things on the last minute and it's madness, my advice is check out for the shops that are still on sale and believe me there are a few of them.

Anyway back to what i meant to share with yout today, my favourite girly shops in long street.  They would be (in no particular order) Mememe, Mungo & Jemima and Sitting Pretty.  I just thought of another shop which is close to Mungo & Jemima but technically it's in Church street so i will leave that for another time. 

I have found some photos from each of the stores clothing to give you an idea of what they have to offer. Check it out . . .

First up is Mememe, please note that these photos are not of current stock they have.  But it's the only photos i got off their facebook page.

Next we have Sitting Pretty. On my facebook page i mentioned that if you dress modestly then either pair these dresses/tops with fitted pants or even a long skirt and add a belt.  
With this outfit you could also do a skirt underneath (a printed one would look great as it is see through material) or a pants.  Add a cardi and accesorize! (accesories is definitely another post on it's own).

These next two pretty dresses are from Mungo & Jemima, as you can see below they suggest buying the dress for a lovely Valentine's - good idea indeed:)

If there are any other stores you would like to know more about drop me an email:)


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