Wednesday, February 6, 2013

My nieces birthday cake

Finally i can post about the cake i made lol Last night i made sure i wouldn't forget anything. 

I got home after 6pm and realised that the cake was to small. I then popped another cake mix into the oven.  I was so upset when after forty minutes the cake was still quite wet inside (the instructions on the box said it would take 35-40minutes).

It eventually came out at half past seven (finally!) and i could get to covering the two layer cake. For this cake i did not use any recipe but bought a wheat free cake mix instead.  I have used it before and it tastes yummy:) (The wheat free chocolate cake mix can be bought at The Wellness Warehouse for R30)

I decided to trim the cake with things the birthday girl loves - barbie, disney princesses and lots of pink! Pick n Pay sells the Snowflake icing colour prints you can get for under R20(the ones i bought were on special, so i got them for R10). The princess sweets (R11)and milky bar buttons (on special for R20) were also purchased at Pick n Pay.The strawberry mousse mix i got from Osmans (a cake store in Gatesville, i can't quite remember the price).
The mousse was actually supposed to be mixed with water and fresh cream but it was so last minute that i just added milk and it worked! up until now i'm so glad for that.

The number 3 candle i bought at pick n pay as well for R15.  As you can see on the photo there is a birthday banner on the cake.  I used two bamboo sticks, page markers (i bought them months ago at CNA for under R15) and the sticker letters i got at Typo in Canal Walk.  I was lucky enough to get the stickers for R5 as there were pages missing and they could not find the price, lucky me! :)

There are ALWAYS cheaper ways of doing anything, don't let anyone tell you any different. Where there's a will, there's a way.

take care*

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