Monday, February 4, 2013

Udpate on stage decor and what's to come

This back drop and main table draping was done yesterday at The Ottery Islamic Society Hall. 
It is always good to know details about the hall/space you hire to have your function in, especially when planning comes into place.  It helps you to plan to the nest of your ability and it also eliminates nasty surprises when you do get the the space/hall on the day to set up.

Like i have mentioned before i plan step by step in my head how i will execute, whatever it is i have to do, in my mind first before actually doing it. And it helps a lot!

Right now i am using the method for making my neices theird birthday cake.  Her birthday is tomorrow and since it is in the week i wil have to bake the cake tonight and trim it tomorrow when i come from work.  Since i am going to put strawberry mousse on the cake i cannot put it on the night before as it soaks into the cake.  

I will do a post on the cake in this week, so stay posted.

Take care and enjoy the rest of your Monday!

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