Thursday, November 4, 2010

charity shops and markets

one of the things i love has got to be finding bargains, especially when you least expect it:)

some places to find good bargains on decor/household items would be markets or charity shops or even second had stores.  you are more likely to bargain with the people if the price seems too much.

great things you could find would be awesome old books (i know my sisters would absolutely love that!) for next to nothing!

old vases (look out for small cracks, stains, chips), lights (all you do is have them rewired and they will be good to go!), tea sets and lots more.  if you take a look at the image i found one such lamp for 20bucks!! no lie
its awesome really:)

so get out there and look around, you never know what you could find:)

Look what i found for 8BUCKS . . I could not believe the price when the lady told me. R8, i so bought it:)  Charity shops are the coolest places to find vintage/out of date decor (but look at the condition before buying) 


  1. 20 bucks? you must be joking! where was this?

    some of the public libraries' patrons host book sales all the time where they get donations of books and sell them from the library (the books do not come from the library). i have started up a little collection of non-fiction books already for which i paid on average R30 for larger than A4 sized, 250 page, full colour books in good condition. I found a never-been-used set of quite up to date IT server books at Tokai library for R25 for the whole set (which comprises of over 6000 pages of reference material). i also found, at the Plumstead library, a 1500 page encyclopedia (with pictures) in excellent condition which was printed in London in 1936 and i only paid R5 for it.

  2. I love thrift store/vintage/craft market shopping! There are so many places to shop in Cape Town...some of them are true gems!