Tuesday, March 1, 2011

favourite decor shops****

I am a firm believer in decor being a something that every person can afford and do, no matter what the budget or lack of budget there is.

One of the places i like to shop for home ware would be Mr Price Home. I like the fact that they are not crazy over priced and have some really nice things. Some times you can find inspiration just by going to decor stores and not actually buying things you don't need (but want :) i know i do all the time, its very tempting) 

At the moment they have ramekins, printed plates and bowls, cool storage – cake tins, jars, laundry tins, bins, cutlery trays, cookie jars, coffee, sugar and tea jars… etc etc (all of which i really like)

Whats even more cool about their store is that they have -priced to go- things as well.. it is basically sale items. I purchased two cool cups for ten bucks each:) similar to the picture below. Perfect for those cold winter days, sit down and relax in front of the TV with a nice warm cup of coffee/hot chocolate/latte (which ever you prefer)

I like to expand my horizon when it comes to decor stores... always have an open mind when looking for home ware items. 

You'll notice that most clothing chain stores now have a home ware section to it.  Truworths, Foschini (linked to @Home and @Home Living Space) Stuttafords, Edgars (linked to Boardmans) Woolworths, Game, Jet, Ackermans.  


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