Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Wedding photography - points to remember

1. Make sure you talk to your photographer and that they understand you requirements.  Let them know what your b udget is, how long you expct them to stay and what style of shots you want.  To make sure you don’t miss any main shots, draw up a shot list (location and of who).

2. It’s a good idea to get photos with your closest family before you leave the reception.  Take shots of you with mom, dad and the rest of your immediate family at the beginning when everyone will be looking their best.

3. According to Gisele, you should always have your mouth slightly open when being photographed , enough to put a penny between your lips, it’ll help them look fuller.
4. Rings, now girls I know you have been practising this and can get a ring on a man’s finger in .3 seconds flat – Well done! I can’t however shoot that fast so give the photographer a moment… take your time
5. As you pull up in the bridal car wind your window down, that way the photographer has a good unobstructed shot into the car without having to deal with the window reflection.
6. Don’t be too quick to get out, wait for the photographer – It might be “old school” but a photo of your dad (or whoever for that matter) assisting you out of the car makes for a great shot.
7. Cake: Think about the background when placing it, I love the colour red but I’ve never seen a big red fire extinguisher in the background improve the way the cake’s looks
8. Be totally ready at least 30 minutes before leaving for the ceremony so you can do a few bridal portraits, your makeup will be perfect and so will the dress.
9. Take your time down the isle; give your photographer lots of opportunity that great shot.
10. Give your photographer between 20-30 minutes to get the formal pictures.
11. Cake Cutting: Make sure you inform your photographer in advance! I like to set up a few lights to create mood and give you the best shots for each moment this only takes a minute, telling me 30 seconds before it’s about to happen is not particularly useful. 
12. Remember, with photography, it’s easy to delete things later, but it’s impossible to turn back time and do it again.
13. Reception lighting – think romantic! Get creative.  Try lots of candles or little christmas lights placed on or under things.  Christmas lights, hanging bulbs, and rope lights all look good in the background especially if you hang them just above head high.
14. If you want to have an indoor shot, warn your photgrapher days in advance.  Keeping your wedding photographer well informed will ensure he/she brings the necessary extra lighting.
15. While you're thinking about groups and portrait sessions - make a list of who is in each shot. Tell all your relatives

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