Friday, July 15, 2011

Wedding inspiration pictures

Some times when you can’t decide on which colours and things go together these do really help.
I’ve looked up a few for you to be inspired by-enjoy!

White with a splash of pink

Lace – lace details look girly and gives it a bit of a Spanish feeling.  Try looking for lace fans and doilies

This is not necessarily for weddings but the colours are so sweet! *found at* -> totally love this site

Grey and pink

Here the flowers are the main and only colours and it looks great

Creams and soft colours work magic

When i think green i think fresh and clean

Winter themed inspiration board – blues, greys & whites

In winter dark colours are great.  But finding a balance is important

Purple is another great colour – for all seasons.  Just mix it up with different colours for the seasons. 

For advice and where to find things to make your wedding look as similar as possible to any of these, please feel free to askJ

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