Thursday, January 31, 2013

Paris inspired cake table

Can you believe that it's Friday tomorrow? The time goes by so quickly we don't even realise it. 

Today i want to share the paris inspired cake table i did for my sisters farewell.  I decided to try and use things i already have.  I think the only thing i spent money on was paper plates (which is, lets face it, cheap).

I did this in such a rush, so it's a good thing to plan ahead.  I do this thing where i picture how i am going to set everything out before i get to tha place and it actually helps a lot ( < a little bit of advice for you). 

My apologies, this photo somehow does not want to rotate.  The vase i got a a charity shop for way cheap - R8! The flowers were part of my wedding bouquet (artificial flowers bought at Superfloral in Paarden Eiland). 
The old books were also bought at the charity shop, each book cost about R2-R8 each.  The frame was part of a wedding gift and i made the little print inside the frame as well.  I had the printed cardstock and just added the little bon voyage banner (i googled a banner and changed it in Microsoft Paint).

This idea i found on google, i am not sure what the sute was called though.  The lady wanted to change the look of the items on her shelf and so she printed a picture and covered the picture over each spine to make up the full picture.  I googled my own image and decided to try it out and it came out great!
I used the stack of books to elevate the cake stand.  You could use it for other things as well.

This little flower i made from scratch:) I had material laying around and decided i wanted to use it for something i just wasn't sure what.  It then came to me that i needed something pretty and pink for the table.  So i cut a strip of fabric and used a ring (i bought it to wear but it couldnt fit but finally found a purpose for it:) ) and pushed the fabric through it.

I then took the edges and pinned them together and there you go a simple and super easy fabric flower!

As you can see we had so much cake! If you look a little closer you will see there are little eiffel towers on the table.  I made them using an eiffel tower cookie cutter and plastic icing and an edible icing pen to make the markings of the eiffel tower.

I hope you get inspired by this post and do something creative even if it is just for dinner or an afternoon tea. Please do share:)

take care, the weekend is not far away!


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